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London Eye

County Hall Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB
Renowned as being the world's highest observation wheel, British Airways London Eye offers a spectacular view of the capital city in 30 minutes. Definitely rated as a unique experience. Last admission is half an hour before closing. It is closed on 25th December. They provide disabled facilities for the deaf and visually impaired, wheelchair ramps, disabled toilets and accept guide dogs.

+44 (0)871 781 3000 www.londoneye.com

Reviews for London Eye

  • Ideal for a view of Central London (31 Jul 2013)
  • No complaints here really. Was easy to que with a e-ticket a because we went in the week it was not too busy. Luckily we had a clear day so views were excellent. The time it takes to rotate is pretty perfect as it seemed just right amount of time needed for a photo and a glance at all of the London landmarks. Touchscreens were handy in the pod to find your bearings on where everything was on the view. Would go again for the nighttime view. Recommended.
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  • Great views! (12 Mar 2010)
  • The London Eye is definitely a great experience. The views are really good on a clear day and although I went in the middle of the day, I think it would be even better in the evening at sunset or at night. It's really easy to find and is easy to get into, although your bags will be searched before you can get on. Its kind of expensive but if you are a tourist you tend to pay for these things anyway, right? Obviously you have to get on and off while its moving but don't worry, it doesn't go very fast, which means you get plenty of time to look around from the top, and I think they stop it if someone has a disability and needs it to stop before they can get on and off. You really can see a lot of the city from the top, and the views are worth the cost.
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  • London eye (12 Mar 2010)
  • The london eye is set on the side of the thames, in westminster, right by the aquarium.
    If you have a spare 30 mins then forget it, even though it only takes about that to go round once it takes much longer to get on in the first place.
    The pods are see through and so you do get the best views from them, once you get used to the open feel of it all. They do pack you in though so do not think you will get a pod to your self coz you need to pay more for that.
    Later in the day the sky will be wonderful and the softer light makes it easier for you to see without straining your eyes.
    It is reasonable enough in terms of price and nice to say that you have been on and seen london from a different view point
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  • Harmonious circle (12 Mar 2010)
  • Great location, near Waterloo station and on the riverside.
    Long queues on Sunday evening.
    Plenty of other things to do nearby. Festival hall. buskers.
    If you don't go on it, you can still enjoy looking at it and taking photos of it.
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London Eye

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