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TERA Rising is a free 3D action

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TERA Rising is a free 3D action based on non-target system MMORPG, players can directly control the role of the fighting. Unlike traditional MMORPGS that uses automatic attack and tab characterization, TERA allows players to manually target their spells and attacks. This allows for greater flexibility and more dynamic fighting.

The game has some impressive visual effects, with a high detail of the beast, can be hard, there is a magic spell. In addition to the typical MMORPG game (quite a lot of games), players can engage in 5 dungeons and participate in the Society PvP.

[url= https://www.lolga.com/tera/tera-gold]Tera Gold[/url] also has a very unique and complex political system that allows an entire area to vote for a player to become a mother. The player can access the rare model and set the tax price in the entire region of the supplier. Players can also choose to control the area through the PvP Arena.

  • April 21 at 03:59

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