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A few weeks ago, a friend from an unknown Smile Groups sent me $120 to do good...

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A few weeks ago, a friend from an unknown Smile Groups sent me $120 to do good things with. Since then I have used the money in the U.K and U.S. It has helped families and strangers, and generally raised a lot of smiles. They have warmed my heart, but none so much as the gift I was able to give just an hour ago.
I was in a charity shop, looking at the second-hand books. It happened that the bookshelves were next to the toy shelf. I noticed a group of poorly dressed women standing behind me. As they looked through the clothes shelf, a little girl about three years old came over to the toy shelf. Immediately her attention was caught by a toy pram.She spoke to her mother and her mother asked the shop assistant how much it cost.Rune Memorie $3 was the answer.
The mum looked down at her child, perhaps thinking what she still had to buy and how much money she would have left. Then she shook her head. The child didn’t behave as badly as some might. Being told “no” was not new for her but she couldn’t keep the disappointment from her face.
I had a total of $5 in my pocket. I touched the mother on the shoulder, put the money in her hand and said, “Buy a doll too.”
I didn’t wait to see the end. After all, it was not about being thanked. I walked out of the shop and into the sunshine.
The money the friend gave me was to help me find happiness of the world. Was there any better way, I wondered, to get so much happiness for so little money than to buy a little girl a toy pram and a doll to sit in it?

  • March 20 at 12:51

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